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Celebration for Don Stevens
March 20, 2018
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April 27, 2018

2018 Avatar’s Abode Anniversary

Flyer image: Avatar's Abode



to all Baba-lovers regarding June 2018 Avatar's Abode Anniversary

On June 5 to 11 (Tuesday to Monday) of 2018 we will gather to celebrate and commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the 4 day visit in 1958 of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba to the property which He named Avatar’s Abode.


For 2018 we have extended the usual 4 day celebration to 7 days.

To assist us with our early planning, the Anniversary Planning Committee is calling for expressions of interest from Baba Lovers around the world who may be wishing to attend.

Your possible interest in attending can be conveyed by clicking this link and answering some questions. This form also provides some additional information.

Your expression of interest will of course be in no way binding, but will help us to foresee the infrastructure requirements, as we anticipate significantly larger numbers from overseas. To those who respond we look forward to being in continuing closer contact.

Independent of, and separate to the Anniversary, is a 7 to 10 day tour which Charmaine and Tony Foley are attempting to organise of Baba places and people in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, which may take place before the commencement of the Anniversary. If you are interested in learning about this tour, tick the Pre Tour box on the Expression of Interest Form to find out more.

The web site avatarsabode.com.au is worth exploring for information about Avatar’s Abode. (Updates for the 2018 anniversary will appear progressively.)

Please share this with your local Baba Family.

Bernard Bruford, and Denis Carmody
on behalf of the 2018 Anniversary Planning Committee of the Avatar’s Abode Trust


Some photo impressions by Anthony Foley.


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